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Date: 28th Nov 2017 @ 2:06pm


Welcome to our new Science Blog page.  Here we'll be showing what the children are learning about in Science lessons over the year.  


You can also follow this link to find out what Mrs Smith's Science club have been doing. 

More fantastic Science!


Ted from Y2's favourite piece of Science that he has done recently is all about making houses for little pigs!  He said "We were making pig houses and seeing how strong they were by blowing them down with a hair dryer".  Doesn't that sound like a lot of fun!

Emily enjoyed finding out about Growing and Changing - she said "I enjoyed finding out how we grow and what everybody does when they grow older."

Cole said he'd been learning how to find out about how sunglasses and hats are useful in protecting us against the sun's harmful rays.  He wanted to find out which materials made the best sunglasses and hats. 

Mia said she had been learning all about the lifecycle of different animals.  She said that she had learnt about frogs and how their lifecycles work. "It was lots of fun," she said. 

Joseph said he liked the Science lesson where they had found out about the sun and where it appears to be at different times of the day.  He said "I learnt that at nighttime the sun points to the southern hemisphere and in the day time it points to the northern hemisphere."

Dottie and Leo said that they had had lots of fun when they did an experiment using different materials.  This is what they said.

"We were making pig houses and we stuck them together.  We didn't stick the lego, that sticks together already.  We used blu-tac for the door handle. We used sticks, lego blocks, and cardboard for each house.  We tried to knock them over by using a fan, but none of them fell down because they were all big and strong."  Those pigs were lucky to live in such strong houses!

Rebecca had also been making houses for little pigs.  She said "We were trying to make houses that didn't fall down in the wind.  We made straw houses, stick houses and brick houses.  I made a brick house. We went into the secret garden and found a spot to build our houses.  We used rocks to make a wall.  We had three tubes for the roof and a little stone for the door.  The houses didn't blow down but it wasn't very windy!"

Leah's class have been learning all about their teeth and what liquids might be bad for them.  now, they couldn't test actual teeth, so they decided to use eggs instead!  Leah said "We put eggs into different liquids - orange juice, milk, water coca cola and no liquid.  We wanted to find out what would happen to the eggshell if we left it in the liquids for a week.  Our results showed that if we don't brush our teeth and drink too much orange juice and cola, our teeth will go bad, just like the eggs did in our experiment.  Our conclusion is that we need to take care of our teeth."

Leah recorded her results on a table and wrote a conclusion. 

Jacob and Lolly did a balloon experiment. They saw which colours and sizes of ballons fell to the ground.  They blew balloons up to different sizes to see how long it would take each one to fall to the ground.  They said that the largest balloon fell to the ground first because it had more air in it, so it was heavier. 

Max and Grace did the same experiment as Leah.  

Joseph's class in Y2 did an experiment using plastic cups.  They wanted to see what would happen if they stood on the cups.  The children asked lots of questions.  They found out that the cups got squashed if they stood on them, but if they used a piece of cardboard over the top, then the cups didn't break.  Joseph said it was because the weight of the person was spread over a bigger area.  

What super scientists we have all been!! 



British Science week poster competition

A great big THANK YOU to all of the children who took part in the poster competition this year.  You can view the winning entries by going to their facebook page. 

Y2 Science

Emily from Y2CF wanted to show her work from la st half term when she had been learning all about the human body in ou r Busy Bodies topic. Her work shows a picture of the human skeleton and the names of the different bones. Emily said that she had been using comparing and measuring skills during the topic. 

Alaina from Y2CW wanted to show a piece of work that she enjoyed doing from last term.  The children had to carry out a test to look for patterns using balloons.  As you can see, Alaina had to record the information on a table and used maths skills to help with making comparisons. 


Y5 Science 

Adah in Y5TE has enjoyed learning all about the human body and its systems.  She did a piece of work where she learned all about the effects of drugs on various parts of the human body, such as the brain and nervous system.  

Y4 Science

Matthew in Y4 has been learning about animals, including humans.  He said that he had used different skills during his science lessons such as observing, comparing and predicting.  He really enjoyed looking at animal skulls and chose to record about a Narwhal.  


Previous learning 

What have Y6 been learning about this half term in Science lessons? 

Lydia and Kara, in Y6, have enjoyed learning all about the Earth and how it moves, and How we see things - 'light'.  They have been using periscopes to carry out investigations.  Take a look at the work they have recorded in their Science books at the bottom of this page, all about how the earth moves.  

Lydia and Kara both said they have used lots of different scientific skills during Science lessons, such as observing, recording and predicting.  They carried out an investigation to find out what time of day their shadows would be at their shortest.  

They said that everyone in their class has enjoyed doing lots of practical experiments in Science lessons and have learned to use all their different skills to help them. 

In Key Stage 1 this half term, the children have been learning all about Ocean Habitats and the creatures that live in them.  They have been helped along the way by some of our Superheroes - Book Boy and Brilliant Betty.  

Maggie and Marc, from Y2, have really enjoyed doing practical experiments, and research using the internet and books. They have also been doing experiments using balloons - finding out which size balloon will fall to the ground the fastest?  You could even try this experiment at home.  All you need is balloons of different shapes and sizes, and a good pair of lungs to blow them up.  Try dropping them from different heights to see how long it takes them to reach the ground!  Do you get the same results every time?


Here some of the Y6's are carrying out experiments to investigate the length of shadows at different times of the day. They planned, predicted, concluded and evaluated, along with using line graphs to interpret their results. 






















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