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Learning At Home

We will be posting weekly learning mats and spellings below. Please tweet any work you wish to share with us at @MarlcliffeKS1 (Twitter). Only post content that you are happy to be shared as everything will be retweeted.

If you have any queries, please phone or email school ( and ask for it to be directed to us. We are here to support you.

Mrs Roach and Mrs Smith


Further Information

The goverment has published the following advice for parents and carers:


The government has also proposed the following sites to support home learning:


The Department for Education has the following YouTube channel for phonics: 

This is 12 weeks of lessons using the same Letters and Sounds programme that we use in school.


A teacher-favourite website, Twinkl, is also providing free resources for parents and carers:

Each day you'll find a new set of daily activities to get involved with. Book readings, live lessons, positive news updates and more will be posted each day. Activities will also be listed the day before - giving you enough time to get prepped and set up for the next day's learning. is a collection of links from our partners at Sheffiled Family Learning.


If you haven't completed the Maths and English activity books, try to do a couple of pages each day; just work through them from the start. 


We fully appreciate that this is an unprecedented time in which you and your children will be having to rapidly adjust to a completely different way of life. We are all juggling many roles – as parents, workers, partners, friends, daughters, sons and neighbours.  What works for someone else’s family may not work for you. Do your best in the context of your unique situation and do what works best for your family and your child. Some children will benefit from a structured day and a strict routine; others will need a more nurturing and creative approach. There is no right and no wrong way to ‘home school’ your child. Some days will be more productive than others. You know your child best. You know their limits and their capabilities. Above all, be kind to yourself, be kind to each other and take each day as it comes.


 Home Learning

Learning Mats

KS1 Learning Mat w.b. 6.4.20 - Easter

KS1 Learning Mat w.b. 13.4.20 - Safari

KS1 Learning Mat w.b. 20.4.20 - Magical Creatures

KS1 Learning Mat w.b. 27.4.20 - Toy Story

KS1 Learning Mat w.b. 4.5.20 - Julia Donaldson

KS1 Learning Mat w.b. 11.5.20 - Roald Dahl

KS1 Learning Mat w.b. 18.5.20 - Dinosaurs

KS1 Learning Mat w.b. 25.5.20 - Aliens

KS1 Learning Mat w.b. 1.6.20 - Minibeasts



Mrs Lloyd 

Summer 1 week 1

Summer 1 week 2

Summer 1 week 3

Summer 1 week 4

Summer 1 week 5

Summer 1 week 6

Summer 2 week 1

Summer 2 week 2

Summer 2 week 3

Summer 2 week 4

Summer 2 week 5

Summer 2 week 6


Goldfinches, Robins and Sparrows

Mrs Packham, Mrs Marsh, Mrs Roach and Mrs Smith 

summer 1, week 1

summer 1, week 2

summer 1, week 3

summer 1, week 4

summer 1, week 5

summer 1. week 6

summer 2, week 1

summer 2, week 2

summer 2, week 3

summer 2, week 4

summer 2, week 5

summer 2, week 6


Starlings, Woodpeckers and Wrens

Mrs Hardy, Mrs Carr, Mrs Foster and Mrs Cashmore

summer 1, week 1

summer 1, week 2

summer 1, week 3

summer 1, week 4

summer 1, week 5

summer 1, week 6

summer 2, week 1

summer 2, week 2

summer 2, week 3

summer 2, week 4

summer 2, week 5

summer 2, week 6


Useful Websites


Maths Websites

You can access games linked to learning in maths through this website.

Topmarks website for maths learning.


Literacy Websites

Nonsense Words: Practise reading the 'alien' words with your child (all spelt phonetically).

Nonsense words 1 

Nonsense words 2

Nonsense words 3

Nonsense words 4

Here are some links to games we have been using in phonics:



This STA video gives parents useful information regarding the end of key stage tests in Year 2:



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