At lunchtime the children may choose between:

  • Having a hot school dinner, freshly cooked on the school site. Each day the children may chose between a meat based meal, a vegetarian meal, a jacket potato with a range of fillings or a prepared sandwich. Each day there is a choice of a hot pudding, yogurt or fruit. The children choose a coloured band to show what they are having for lunch and the meals are then cooked to order. Taylor Shaw's menus are on a 3 week rotation and the school calendar will make it clear which week we are on so you can discuss lunch choices with your child. Meals are currently £2.00 a day. This must be paid in advance and must be done through SIMs Agora or by cash on Monday morning please, in a named envelope.
  • Bringing a packed lunch from home. We would ask that you send your child with a healthy selection of food, try to include fruit and vegetables with only one sweet treat like a biscuit. No fizzy drinks please, water or juice is best.
  • Going home for lunch.

Reception and Y1,2 children eat packed lunches in the KS1 hall and if they are having a school dinner they are taken over first and helped to choose their meals.

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