Who's Who

As we are such a large school many people are employed at Marlcliffe.

The Leadership Team at Marlcliffe


Alison Mann

Deputy Headteacher

Fiona Turner

Assistant Headteacher

 Sarah Adams


 Teaching and Learning at Marlcliffe


Early Years - Foundation Stage

Early Years Leader: Claire Ward

Teaching Assistants Early Years

Jane Chatterton   Kym Taylor

Claire Clarke

Rosie Dawson

Eve Bestford - Apprentice

Jack Kenworthy

   Class Teachers

            Claire Ward / Amy Atkinson

            Emma Dawson /Hannah House

            Emma Lucas

Key Stage 1 – Years 1 and 2 Leader, Nell Roach

Teaching Assistants

Zoe Hardy

Ann Fellows

Alex Marsh

Mandy Whittle

        Class Teachers

Y1     Claire Lloyd

         Stacey Gray  

Y1/2    Nell Roach / Lynne Smith  

Y2        Juliette Foster / Alison Carr

           Karen Cashmore / Jo Wharton

Trainee Teacher - Jess McCreesh

Key Stage 2 -  Years 3 and 4

Lower KS2 leader Jon Cooper

Teaching Assistants  

Angela Packham

Sally Pirt

Jennifer Pepler

Teaching Assistants supporting through school

          Mags Mincher

          Rachel O'Keefe


Class Teachers

Y3       Liz Neale

            Chloe Bailey

Y3/4    Jonathan Cooper

Y4       Laura Towers / Roanne Stacey

            Helen Barber / Ruth Harrison

Trainee Teacher - Rebekah Cooper

Key Stage 2 - Years 5 and 6

Upper KS2 leader Sarah Adams

    Teaching Assistants

Alison Appleby

Eleanor Ball




           Class Teachers

Y5       Glen MacDonald

            Ellie Davison

Y5/Y6  Laura Fallon Neil Edmondson    

Y6       Sarah Adams

           Mark Allsop




Learning Mentor

    Karen Cashmore - Infants

    Roanne Stacey - Juniors

    Sherren Barratt

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

    Sharon Butcher

    Sam Morley

    Emma Moseley

Buildings Officers

    Stuart Heslington

    Joseph Sweetnam-Powell

Play Leaders

    Rachel O'Keefe    Kymberly Taylor

    Liz Savage        Rachel Mardlin

    Mandy Whittle          Sally Pirt

    Karen Cooke        Joanne Smith

    Mags Mincher     Lesley Smith


Lunchtime Supervisory Team 

Paula Deighton

Kay Jackson

Paula Circuit

Ann Fellows

Joanne O'Malley

Sharon Parker

Eleanor Allison

Samantha Doherty

Brenda Elliot



 Taylor Shaw - School Meals Team 

Cook Supervisor

Shelley Allen

Assistant Cook

Sharon Butler

Kitchen Assistant

Alison Wood

Kitchen Assistant

Diane Fidler


Dragon's Den - Breakfast Club & After School Club

Dragon's Den Staff

Kym Taylor

Claire Clarke

Paula Circuit

Kay Jackson

Joanne Rodgers

Liz Savage

Joanne Smith

Paula Deighton




Cleaning Team

Dawn Anson

Mags Mincher

Sharon Coldwell

Kay Rowland

Diane Harper



Administration Team 

School Manager

Stephanie Hanson

Business Support Officer

Charlotte Codd

Business Support Officer 

Sally Harvey