Who's Who

As we are such a large school many people are employed at Marlcliffe.

The Leadership Team at Marlcliffe

Headteacher - Mrs Alison Mann

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Fiona Turner

Assistant Headteacher - Miss Sarah Adams


Teaching and Learning at Marlcliffe


Early Years - Foundation Stage

Early Years Leader - Mrs Claire Ward

Class Teachers

Green Dragons - Mrs Claire Ward/Miss Amy Atkinson; Blue Dragons - Mrs Clare Lloyd; Red Dragons - Mrs Hannah House/Mrs Emma Dawson

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Claire Clarke/Mrs Rosie Streets; Mrs Jane Chatterton; Mr Jack Kenworthy; Miss Eve Bestford; Mrs Kym Taylor; Mrs Jo Smith


KS1 - Year 1 and Year 2 - Lead - Mrs Nell Roach

Class Teachers

Y1 - Miss Rachael Whittaker; Mrs Sharman

Y1/2 - Mrs Nell Roach/Mrs Lynne Smith

Y2 - Mrs Karen Cashmore/Mrs Ruth Harrison; Miss Jessica McCreesh

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Alex Marsh; Mrs Zoe Hardy; Mrs Ann Fellows; Mrs Mandy Whittle; Miss Sabrina Furley-Jones


KS2 - Year 3 and Year 4 - Lower KS2 Lead - Mr Jon Cooper

Class Teachers

Y3 - Miss Chloe Bailey; Mrs Elizabeth Neale

Y3/Y4 - Mr Jon Cooper

Y4 - Mrs Laura Towers; Mrs Helen Barber

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Angela Packham; Miss Jennifer Pepler; Mrs Sally Pirt;

KS2 - Year 5 and Year 6 - Upper KS2 Lead - Miss Sarah Adams

Class Teachers

Y5 - Miss Eleanor Davison; Mr Glen MacDonald

Y5/Y6 - Mrs Laura Fallon/Mr Neil Edmondson

Y6 - Mr Mark Allsop; Mrs Rebekah Cooper/Miss Sarah Adams

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Alison Appleby; Miss Blythe Allen


Support Staff through school

Miss Sharon Butcher - PE Co-ordinator

Mrs Sam Morley - KS1 HLTA/PE Lead

Mrs Emma Moseley - KS2 HLTA/Curriculum Support/PE Lead

Mrs Leora Heyes - 1to1 SEN Support

Mrs Rachel O'Keefe - Class support Speech & Language and Playleader

Mrs Sherren Barratt - Learning Mentor/Assistant Safeguarding Lead



KS1 - Mrs Karen Cashmore

KS2 - Miss Eleanor Davison


Lunchtime Support Staff

Mrs Paula Deighton; Mrs Kay Jackson; Mrs Paula Circuit; Mrs Elizabeth Savage; Mrs Joanne O'Malley; Mrs Karen Cooke; Mrs Samantha Doherty; Mrs Ameera Haileselassie; Mrs Kay Castledine; Mrs Margaret Mincher; Mrs Eleanor Allison; Mrs Lesley Smith; Mrs Jessica Turner; Mrs Leanna Southam; Mrs Sarah Corry


Office Staff

Mrs Stephanie Hanson - School Manager

Miss Charlotte Codd - Admin Support Officer 

Mrs Sally Harvey - Admin Support Officer 


Premises Support Team

Mr Stuart Heslington - Buildings Officer

Mr Joe Sweetnam-Powell - Caretaker


Mrs Sharon Coldwell; Mrs Dawn Anson; Miss Emma Madden; Miss Chelsea Moran; Mrs Margaret Mincher.


Taylor Shaw - School Meals Team 

Cook Supervisor - Mrs Shelley Allen

Assistant Cook - Mrs Sharon Butler

Catering Assistant - Miss Alison Wood

Catering Assistant - Mrs Diane Fidler





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