Sheffield ‘Herd of Elephants’


This is our finished 'Betty Button' elephant which will be part of the public art event over the summer.  The design was produced by one of our children and then we have re-created at the size needed for the exhibition.  We are sure you will agree it is a fantastic work of art!

You may have seen the Superlambananas in Liverpool, Go-Go Dragons in Norwich, Gorillas in Bristol and Rhinos in Chester, all masterminded by ‘Wild In Art’ to raise thousands of pounds for charity. In a similar vein, Sheffield city centre will be dotted with elephant sculptures along a route. Families can follow the trail, collect the stickers and take lots of selfies with the elephants. Sheffield’s ‘herd’ is homage to Lizzie, Sheffield’s very own elephant who carted steel through the city during the First World War as all the horses had been deployed in the military. 2016 will be the 100 year anniversary of Lizzie starting her life in Sheffield. 

Sheffield artists confirmed to be contributing to the event are Tado, Pete McKee, George Law, Kid Acne and…Marlcliffe School.  We are going to feature elephants as the focus of our Arts Week in the summer term. 

In order to take part, Marlcliffe needed to raise £500 for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity. To do this, we  asked the children to pay £1 to dress up in elephant-themed clothes or dress as steel workers/buffer girls. 

We hope you will join in over the summer and if you do spot our elephant please send us your photographs we would love to see them!

Mrs Roach, Non-Core Curriculum Leader