Marlcliffe Centenary 1915~2015

Our special Centenary day in July 2015 was a lovely way for the whole school community to come together and share music, dance, art and good food. The day was a culmination of a term’s work related to the hundred years that the school has been open. The children enjoyed learning about the changes over time, many of which are shown in the new mural in the KS2 playground. We also had a fantastic street party day; children and staff dressed up and enjoyed a traditional lunch outside (until the rain came down!)  We used a drone to take amazing aerial photos of the school all the children received a commemorative medal. They also had the opportunity to work with Soo and Charlie (Artboat), local artists who helped create a fantastic dragon which we used in a dance on the party day, and the mural. 
Many things have changed over the last 100 years but the sense of school community has not . The old school song  includes : “Joy in books and learning shall each day increase,” a value which we still aspire to—this was recognised by Ofsted in April. “The school’s curriculum is broad and balanced. Every opportunity is taken to extend pupils’ enjoyment and understanding of the world around them.”